Basic Cargo Introductory Programme

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Duration : 6 Days

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Prepare yourself to work in the Cargo industry with this comprehensive course which will help you learn about basic IATA Cargo Rules and Procedures, operation of freight forwarders and airline cargo units and much more.

This course is mandated for IATA Cargo Agents in accordance with the IATA Cargo Agency Resolutions.

This course is available as part of the distance learning programme of IATA. Enroll at GMR Aviation Academy to study this course with the help of highly qualified & experienced trainers.

Once enrolled with IATA, GMR Aviation Academy will issue the necessary training books & materials received from IATA and will impart 42 hours of training over the 6 Day programme, before the IATA exam.

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Guide clients on the IATA rules and procedures for air freight shipments
  • Arrange air cargo shipments in accordance with IATA rules and procedures
  • Apply published rates and charges for air cargo shipments
  • Complete air waybills accurately
  • Prepare shipments ready for carriage
  • Operations at cargo agencies, airlines and freight forwarders
  • Air cargo acceptance basic rating principles
  • Air waybill completion
  • Industry terminology and abbreviations
  • IATA geography, TACT, OAG, and other cargo manuals

This course is recommended for:

  • Newcomers to the industry
  • Cargo agent and air freight forwarder sales and marketing staff
  • Airline and manufacturer sales, reservations, and acceptance staff
  • Junior-level managers at cargo agents, airlines, and manufacturers

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An IATA Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of the final examination by securing 70% or above marks.

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