Maintainance of Airfield Lighting System

Category : Operations


Duration : 2 Weeks

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After completion of this programme, the participant will be able to Maintain the Airfield Lighting Systems as per ICAO Standards.

  • Maintain the Airfield Lighting Systems as per ICAO Standards
  • An overview of Airport Electrical & Mechanical Installations and their maintenance
  • Visual Nose-in Docking Guidance Systems
  • Principles of Airfield Lighting Systems & 4C Formula
  • Visual Lighting Aids and their Maintenance
  • PAPI Checks & Maintenance Procedures
  • Minimum Serviceability Requirements and monitoring
  • Photometry Checks
  • Flight Calibration Requirements for Visual Lighting Aids
  • Isolating Transformers & their Maintenance
  • CCR Maintenance
  • Apron Floodlighting & it’s Maintenance
  • Power Supply & Secondary Supply Requirements
  • Use of Computers in Maintenance Function
  • Preventive Maintenance Strategies
  • Energy Conservation & Energy audit
  • Spares management and inventory optimisation
  • LED technology in AGL system
  • Airport Electrical Engineers
  • Airfield Lighting Maintenance Contractors & Supervisors
  • Airside Safety Employees
  • Safety Compliance Employees
  • 2 Weeks
  • Classroom Training
  • Case studies and Video clips.
  • Airside Visit
  • Subject Matter experts from Delhi & Hyderabad airport.

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