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AIS, AIP and Notam


After completion of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • State the basics on Aeronautical Information Services
  • Recognize the contents of Aeronautical Information Publication and acquire the necessary knowledge to
    read/refer/use this document
  • List the ICAO Annex and related documents
  • Acquire the basic knowledge of FIR/ ATS Route Chart/ Aerodrome Location Indicator
  • Recognise contents of NOTAM in detail and its implication
Course Content
  • Aeronautical Information Service
  • What is aeronautical service
  • Why is it important for airport operator
  • Integrated Aeronautical Information package
  • AIS set up in India
  • Introduction to ICAO Annex-15 and DOC 8126, DOC 8400, DOC 7383 and DOC 7910
  • AIP and AIP supplement
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • AIP supplements specifications and distribution
  • NOTAM: Introduction of NOTAM, SNOWTAM AND ASHTAM and its importance Purpose and Value of NOTAM
  • Distribution of NOTAM
  • What is AFTN network and how does commercial website provides NOTAM
  • Standard NOTAM Format (ICAO approved)
  • NOTAM series and types
  • Qualifier line
  • Codes used for NOTAM
Target Group
  • All Airside Employees
  • AOCC Employeesl
Course Duration
  • 1 Day
Delivery Method
  • Classroom Training
  • Internal Faculty