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Rescue And Fire Fighting Programmes
Supervisors & Senior Fire
Fighters Refresher Program


After completion of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of aircraft rescue and fire-fighting (ARFF)
  • Gain a better understanding of the types of fire service equipment and extinguishing agents, as well as
    acquire knowledge on the practical application of tactical approaches and rescue techniques in ARFF
Course Content
  • Fire Service Equipment
  • Extinguishing Agents
  • Fire-fighting hydraulics
  • Fire pumps and primers
  • Fire extinguishing agents
  • Breathing apparatus operations and search procedures
  • Portable fire extinguisher

Rescue and Fire-fighting Principles:

  • Fire Service Equipment
  • Introduction to dangerous goods
  • Aircraft fire-fighting strategies and tactics
  • Radio communications
  • Application of foam on aircraft fire
  • Building fire-fighting and rescue
  • Smoke hazards

Tactical Procedures and Methods:

  • Aircraft engine and landing gear fire
  • Aircraft internal fire
  • Aircraft evacuation systems
  • ICAO rescue and fire-fighting and critical area concept
  • Fire in aircraft hangar
  • Liquefied petroleum gas fire
  • Handling military aircraft incidents
  • Safety procedures for helicopter fires

Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting Training:

  • Rescue methods
  • Aircraft internal fires
  • Aircraft landing gear fires
  • Introduction to hazardous materials
  • Casualty handling
  • Communications training
  • On-site tactical approach
  • Aircraft fire-fighting techniques
  • Aircraft collision fire
  • Aircraft fire remote attack
  • Breathing apparatus training
  • Structural fire-fighting and rescue
  • Introduction to black boxes

On-the-job Training:

  • Physical training
  • Visits to facilities of technical interest
Target Group
  • At least three years of relevant experience in rescue and fire-fighting from any industry
  • Completed a Basic Airport Fire-fighter course or its equivalent
Course Duration
  • 45 Days
Delivery Method
  • Classroom Training
  • Case study and video clips
  • Internal Faculty