Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and Operation of Airport Infrastructure ICAO Certification

GMR Aviation Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety, and more at airports.

to provide Airport planning, engineering, operational, and environment teams with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attributes required to effectively implement and manage Airport LEEDOAI in accordance with LEED standards and guidelines.

Other objectives include:

Ensuring site development and management for sustainable airport functioning.
Ensuring indoor environmental qualities for the comfort of occupants.
Increasing water efficiency within buildings and their distribution systems.
Optimizing the energy performance of buildings to protect the atmosphere and environment.
Ensuring the efficient management of materials and resources to facilitate the reduction of waste generated.
Module 1. Introduction Module 2. Site Development and Management for Sustainable Airport Functions Module 3. Material and Resource Management for Waste Reduction Module 4. Indoor Environmental Qualities for Occupants’ Comfort Module 5. Optimization of Energy Performance Module 6. Management of Water Efficiency
Classroom Training Case Studies and Video Clips
Airport Planning Specialists Civil Engineers Architects Procurement Management Professionals Facility Management Professionals Project & Engineering Specialists Airport Operation Specialists Environmental Specialists Other Maintenance & Sustainability Professionals
5 Days


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