GMRAA course

Airport Business Development and Planning

It is a unique course created to meet a demand clearly stated by employers for graduates skilled and qualified in airport business development, planning, design, operations, and environmental management.

Upon completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand the market, competitive, and business organizational challenges faced by airports.
  • Know the importance of driving all aspects of airport planning, operations, marketing, and capital.
  • Development from the foundation of a sound strategic plan.
  • Understand how an effective air service development program will contribute to the growth and enhanced services to passengers and cargo operators.
  • Be able to review the structure and level of aeronautical fees to determine if they are consistent with ICAO-recommended practices, adjusted for local conditions in order to optimize airline revenue outcomes and manage related service levels.
  • Understand how to effectively plan for concession and other non-aeronautical revenue programs to deliver optimal revenues.
  • Understand the challenges and demands faced by airports to deal with evolving airline business models (e.g. low-cost carriers, premium service providers).
  • Know how effective facility planning and capital program management can contain costs while delivering appropriate levels of service for each market segment.
  • Driving from the top - the importance of strategic planning and action
  • Air service development to maximize service
  • Managing aeronautical revenues
  • Using the level of service to guide facility and operational planning
  • Effective management of full-service, Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), and premium airline operations
  • Managing the capital and operational programs through airport investment life cycle
  • Integrating business and people-management elements into an overall strategy
  • Classroom
    Any airport and related area professional.
  • Airport Analysts, Statisticians, and Economists
  • Airport Finance Directors and Managers
  • Airport Marketing and Research Managers
  • Airport Operations Directors and Managers
  • Airport Consultants and related professionals
  • Civil Aviation Authority Officials
  • World Business Partners and other aviation experts
  • Members: $1575
  • Non-members: $2280
  • 5 Days


    Application for
    Airport Business Development and Planning