Airport Master Planning

An Airport Master Plan is a critical planning tool for determining the future requirements of an airport and provides a vision for realizing its ultimate potential. The primary purpose is to establish an orderly development concept to guide the airport’s short, medium, and longo term measures and assist airport management and stakeholders in making informed decisions. This course will help you understand the airport master planning process and the key principles for creating a plan that flexibly protects an airport’s operations and development over an extended period of time.

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Understand the challenging economic, social, and environmental issues that demand airport management plans and deliver besto in-class facilities and services.
Describe the relationship between airport strategic planning and optimal capacity management.
Apply best practice traffic forecasting practices, including scenari-analysis.
Implement demand/capacity gap assessments for airline, passenger, and cargo traffic patterns.
Develop methods for identifying and challenging the viability of capacity solution concepts both at the system and sub-system levels, including process change and technological adaption.
Review AMP relationship to Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) programs.
Develop a team structure and prepare for Master Plan and CAPEX plan implementation.
Integrate course concepts through a case study exercise to demonstrate comprehension of the overall principles of Airport Master Plan and CAPEX program development.
Master plan history and legal aspects (ICAO, IATA, and National Requirements)
Strategic plan objectives and Service Level requirements
Airport Traffic ForecastingDemand / Capacity “Gap” Assessment
Design concept appraisals
Multiple-Account Evaluation and decision-making criteria
Stakeholder engagement strategy
Capital and life-cycle programming
Master Plan organization and skill capacity
Airport Master Plan case study exercise
Any Airport and related area professional
Senior airport management wo are to manage a master plan.
Strategic development managers
Airport business managers
Airfield and terminal planners and project managers
Civil engineering managers, city and town planners
Environmental and sustainability managers
National regulator
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5 Days


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