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In the cutthroat aviation industry, every airline is fighting tooth and nail to differentiate itself and win over customers. In this hyper-competitive market, excellent customer service can be the make-or-break factor that separates the winners from the losers. By providing top-notch customer service, airlines can not only achieve their business goals but also stand out in a crowded field and earn a loyal following.

The Benefits of Exceptional Customer Service in Aviation.

  • Turn complaints into opportunities
  • Generate a positive impression
  • Establish a long-term relationship with customers
  • Attract competitors’ customer

Customer service is a broad field that encompasses various job titles, including reservation agents, ramp agents, customer service agents, baggage handlers, and different management positions like station manager, customer service manager, and airport operations manager. As a customer service executive, one would be responsible for a range of roles and responsibilities that relate to niche areas of customer service. Some of these are detailed below.

Passenger Customer Care (Reservation and Ticketing): The customer care department, also known as the reservation unit, is responsible for assisting customers in purchasing flight tickets from an airline. Traditionally, customers would make reservations by phone, with agents assisting in selecting and reserving seats. However, with the internet, most air tickets are now sold online. Despite this shift, customers still rely on the reservation department to make changes to their travel plans, making it a vital part of the airline's operations. The customer care department also handles ticketing arrangements, frequent flier points redemption, and hotline inquiries, functioning as a direct line of communication for customers.

Check-in Counter: When customers arrive at the airport to catch their flight, they typically go to their airline's check-in counter. At the counter, they will be greeted by ground service agents who will help them through the check-in process. This process includes registering the customer for their flight, checking their travel documents, issuing the boarding pass, and facilitating baggage check-in if desired.

Boarding Gate: Once customers have completed the airport security and immigration process for international flights, they will proceed to the boarding gate and wait to board the aircraft. During the boarding process, airline ground agents will verify customers' travel documents, which may involve collecting boarding passes for cross-checking passenger headcounts.

Arrival: Upon arrival at the destination airport, airline ground agents are readily available to assist customers with disembarkation and offer directions to both arriving and transiting customers, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for travelers.

Baggage Retrieval: Upon clearing immigration, customers proceed to the baggage hall to retrieve their luggage. If customers encounter any issues such as delayed or damaged baggage, they can seek assistance from the available agents, who are trained to track lost or delayed luggage and arrange for its return or repair. This comprehensive baggage service ensures that customers receive prompt and efficient assistance for any baggage-related issues.

After-Sales: In some airlines, agents in the reservation department are responsible for receiving and resolving customer feedback, both positive and negative, to ensure that customers feel heard and valued when it comes to airline travel.

GMR Aero Academy: Gateway to becoming a top-notch customer service executive

At the GMR Aero Academy, individuals can enroll in the Customer Service Associate (CSA) program, which equips them with the skills needed for customer service, whether in the aviation or non-aviation sectors.

The program's salient features include:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of Customer Service.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the various sub-disciplines of Customer Service.
  • Acquire the skill set to independently work in any of the niche areas of Customer Service.

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