Building Fire Emergencies

After completion of this course, participants will be able to perform following functions with enhanced efficiency:
-Respond to Building Fire Incident
-Activate Building Management System
-Implement mitigation measures
-Report Building Fire Incident
1. Introduction
2. Responding to building fire incident
3. Managing building fire incident
4. Reporting building fire incident
1. The instructor should have at least three years’ experience in ARFF to be able to deliver the course.
2. The class room with proper ventilation, light, temperature control equipment, projector, computer, multimedia speakers, seating arrangement for the participants, white board, flip charts, markers and duster etc. should be made available.
3. Online classes
Female and Male
Age: 18 and above
Qualification: 10+2 and Graduates
Graduate and above (in any discipline) from a recognized university
Good communication skills and exposure to the ground handling
The primary population consists of all executive & below staff of Terminal Operations, Airlines Operators, GHAs, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting, Airport Security, P&E, Concessioner & maintenance vendors & CISF. The secondary population shall be the employees in leadership roles of the above mentioned cadres wo are not first responder of building fire emergencies.
Rs. 5000/per day/per participants + applicable taxes
3 Days


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