GMRAA course

Certified Professional for Airport IoT Security

This programme is intended to provide the experience in understanding a cyber attack on IoT and SCADA systems at the airport.

  • This program is intended to provide a first hand experience in understanding a cyber-attack on IoT and SCADA systems at airports. It will also provide an insight as to how various IT infrastructures are set up and the possible loopholes or vulnerabilities in each system that can be tested.
  • This exclusive training covers scenarios that are related to cyber threats observed across infrastructures in the Aviation Industry.
  • The approach of this training would be in the manner of offensive testing, so as to understand better ways to deal with a hack/malware attack. This approach would make sure that the right defense mechanisms are thought and applied.
  • Overview of IoT
  • Security challenges
  • Modern IoT/SCADA components of an Airport
  • Cyber-attack vectors, Trojans, Social Engg. Attacks, DDoS, Ransomware
  • Discovery of sensitive data
  • Controlling of SCADA Systems
  • Defensive measure
  • Classroom
  • Online
  • Beginners/Intermediate
    Aviation and Non-Aviation related professionals
    Rs. 65,000/- per person
    3 Days Full time / 6 Days Part time (24 Hours)