CXO-programme wargaming workshop

Wargaming is not only a potent tool for competitive intelligence but is als-useful in some of the key criteria items of the Business Excellence Model.

Upon completing this course, participants will:
The program aims to provide a platform to understand Board and Executive leadership’s approach to cybersecurity and risk management. It is intended to better educate board members and provide discussion starters for them to evaluate cyber risks and prioritize cybersecurity as an integral part of their system. A cyber attack can destroy the assets and reputation of an organization in minutes. Any negligence on Cyber security will affect the business in terms of customer trust, reputation, and compliance.

Cyber security is undoubtedly a board-level issue and Senior level people need to be aligned to this and workout mitigation measures. Responsibilities of a senior leader/CXOs:

Role in information security
Awareness of laws and regulations
Data protection laws around the world
Risk management
Recent Cyber attacks in the organisation
-  Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Threat landscape
-  Latest developments and information security breaches
-  Cost and impact of Cybercrime
-  Future/preparedness for Cyber attacks
Classroom & Online
Any Senior level professional/CXO(in decision making role)
Aviation and Non-Aviation related professionals
Rs. 6,00,000/- per participant
2 Days


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