GMRAA course

IATA Basic Airside Safety - (E-learning)

The course is an interactive, flexible, and effective way of learning about the airport environment, airside safety, rules, aircraft danger zones, fire prevention and in the event of an incident, knowing the procedures to follow in fire action and how to administer first aid. It is ideal for individuals or organizations with a high number of trainees who need to meet the requirements to get airside access. Upon successful completion of the exam/assessment, the student will be awarded a Certificate that can be printed for records.

Upon completing this course, students will have the skills to:
  • Cover all critical parts of safety at the apron
  • Provide a common knowledge-base to protect people and equipment, so that all staff can cooperate safely and respond to incidents and accidents
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and ramp damages

Exam Information:
Please read the General Information on self-study exams
  • Exam Delivery Method: Non-supervised online-based exam. The exam can be taken at any time as per your convenience.
  • Exam Format: Multiple choice questions
  • Number of questions: 30
  • Time Allowance: 1.5 hours
  • Passing Grade: 70% correct answers
  • Number of exam attempts: 2
The airport environment:
  • The airport
  • Communication
  • Hand signals
  • Aircraft ground support equipment

Security and Safety:
  • Security
  • Aircraft danger zones
  • Health and safety
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Traffic rules at the ramp
  • Accident and incident reporting 

Fire and first aid:
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection and fire action
  • First aid
  • E-learning
  • All personnel who have airside access
  • All personnel involved in ramp operations
  • USD 95


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    IATA Basic Airside Safety - (E-learning)