GMRAA course

IATA Live Animal Regulations Programme

Live animal transport is a complex process involving everyone from the shipper to freight forwarders to airline staff, including the handlers. Inappropriate container use or misunderstanding carrier or government regulations can have catastrophic consequences. The LARP has all the information you need to make sure your live animal shipments are handled and transported in the most expedient and humane manner at their destination in good health, whether it’s a pet, day-old chicks, racehorses, or something a little more exotic.

After completion of this training, the trainee will be able to comply with the IATA Live Animal Regulations.
Chapter 1 - Application
Chapter 2 - Government Regulations
Chapter 3 - Carrier Regulations
Chapter 4 - Reservations and Advance Arrangements
Chapter 5 - Animal Behaviour
Chapter 6 - Listing, Description, and Sizes of Species
Chapter 7 - Documentation
Chapter 8 - Container Requirements
Chapter 9 - Marking and Labeling
Chapter 10 - Handling Procedures
Chapter 11 - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
Chapter 12 - Life Science Logistics for Laboratory Animals
Chapter 13 - World Organisation for Animal Health
  • Qualification: 10+2 and Graduates
  • Proficient in reading and writing English
  • 4 Days


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    IATA Live Animal Regulations Programme