GMRAA course

IATA Perishable Goods Regulations

Fast, reliable perishable shipping is the backbone of the food and flower businesses. The improvements in perishable logistics mean sensitive products like seafood or exotic houseplants are handled and transported appropriately to maintain shipment integrity. Failures along the cold chain, which can be catastrophic for small businesses, are at times due to improper documentation, labeling, or poor packaging. The PGR has all the up-to-date, best practice, and guidance information you need to develop loss-minimizing perishable shipping processes.

After completion of this training, the trainee will be able to comply with the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations.
Chapter 1 - Application of the Regulations
Chapter 2 - Food Safety and Countries
Chapter 3 - Carrier Regulations
Chapter 4 - Perishable Facts and Types
Chapter 5 - Perishable Classification
Chapter 6 - Packaging
Chapter 7 - Documentation and Labelling
Chapter 8 - Acceptance and Control
Chapter 9 - Traceability and Tracking
Chapter 10 - Perishable Handling Procedures
Chapter 11 - Unit Load Devices and Airport Operations
Chapter 12 - Airport Ground Operations: Terminal and Ramp Side
Chapter 13 - Perishable Handling Facilities
Chapter 14 - Claim
Chapter 15 - CITES
Chapter 16 - Air Transport of Cut Flowers
Chapter 17 - Air Transport Logistics for Temperature – Sensitive Healthcare Products
  • Qualification: 10+2 and Graduates
  • Proficient in reading and writing English
  • 4 Days


    Application for
    IATA Perishable Goods Regulations