GMRAA course

Introduction to Annex 14

GMR Aero Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety, and more at airports.

Upon completion of this programme, the participant will:

  • Obtain a solid understanding of the regulatory framework ICAO
  • Obtain a clear interpretation of the requirements set out in the Annex 14
  • Learn best practice approaches on how to fulfill the requirements of Annex 14
    • Legal Status Chicago Convention, Annexes and SARPS
    • Airport Design and Master planning
    • Layout Runways and Taxiways
    • Layout Maneuvering and Safety Areas
    • Air Navigations System/Services
    • Indicator and Signaling Devices
    • Aerodrome Ground Lighting, Signals and Markings
    • Aerodrome Safeguarding, ATM and ATC, ILS
    • Communications and Navaids (VOR and Signals)
    • Aeronautical Information (Markers, NOTAM, ATIS)
    • Airport Emergency Plans
    • Audits and Risk Assessment
    • Monitoring and Treatment of Obstacles
    • Meteorological impact on airports
    • Bird Hazard Management
    • Runway Incursion and Excursion
  • 10+2
  • Graduate
  • Personnel Engaged in AOCC, Airside, Safety
    Rs. 5000 + applicable taxes (per day/per participant)
    3 Days