GMRAA course

Re-declaring Runway distances

GMR Aero Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety and more at airports.

Upon completion of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Provide information on when to re-declare runway distances
  • Explain the limitations for re-declaration, including weather, night operations, and aircraft performance issues
  • Describe guidance on how to re-declare distances
  • Outline steps to promulgate information and describe the importance of stakeholder consultation
  • Perform practical exercises on re-declaration of distances
    • Physical characteristics of runway distances
    • Relationship between declared distances and Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)
    • When, why and how to re-declared runway distances
    • Planned runway works
    • Emergency re-declaration
    • Impact on markings, lighting, and navaids
    • Approvals and promulgation of information
    • Consultation with operators
    • Weather implications - low visibility and night operations
    • Aircraft performance issues
    • Undertaking calculations
  • 10+2
  • Graduate
  • Airside, Safety, Project Interface
  • Airport Management Responsible for Aerodrome Works
  • Airfield Planners and Project Managers
  • Airside Safety and Compliance Managers
  • Duty Managers and Supervisors who may need to re-declare as part of an emergency situation
  • Civil Engineering Managers
  • National Regulators
  • Rs. 5000 + applicable taxes (per day/per participant)
    2 Days