GMRAA course

Safety Management System

GMR Aero Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety and more at airports.

Upon completion of this programme, the participant will be proficient in:

  • ICAO & DGCA requirements for SMS
  • The principles of Safety Management System
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Performance Targets
  • Safety Culture and Human Factor
  • Regulatory requirements and industry best practices in SMS
  • Organizational accidents and incidents models
  • Safety policy and objectives
  • Safety risk management
  • Safety assurance
  • Safety promotion and training
  • Online
  • 10+2
  • Graduate
  • Airside, Airside Planning, Project Interface, Safety
  • Newly hired Airline Staff
  • Airline Frontline Personnel and Support Staff
  • Rs. 5000 + applicable taxes (per day/per participant)
    1 Day