GMRAA course

Sensitivity Training For PRM Passengers

GMR Aero Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety and more at airports.

Upon completion of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the requirements set out in Regulation 1107/2006 and in ECAC Doc. 30 as well as the US Rule 14 CFR Part 382.
  • Discuss the findings of international organizations and supervisory authorities on the implementation and application of the PRM regulation.
  • Explain how to comply with the legal requirements and avoid fines.
  • Give examples of how to handle the increasing number of requests for reduced mobility services and of good and bad practices that occur daily when applying Regulation 1107/2006.
  • Analyse best practices on assisting passengers with reduced mobility through the airport.
Part I: Review of the legal requirements for Airports and current status on regulations
Part II: Results and experiences of one year of daily application of Regulations 1107/2006 at airports
Part III: Need for improvement and best practices to achieve the goals
  • 10+2
  • Graduate
  • Airport Operations Directors, Managers, and Staff
  • Airport Security Management
  • Airline staff
  • TOPS, Safety
  • Ground Handling staff
  • Rs. 5000 + applicable taxes (per day/per participant)
    1 Day


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    Sensitivity Training For PRM Passengers