GMRAA course

TDD9102 ATSEP Communications Data (Network Principles)

NATS, as an established ANSP, relies on a wide range of data networks to support all of its operational voice, surveillance, and flight data systems. Our experience has enabled us to develop a course that covers the basic principles of data communications and illustrates how these are applied to providing Air Navigation Services.

This course covers three areas:

  • Introduction to Networks - We examine the evolution of LAN and WAN technologies and how networks are designed to meet requirements such as redundancy, time delay, and security. Networks are analysed in terms of routers, switches, bridges, gateways, and firewalls; the purpose and function of these components are described.

  • Protocols - This module introduces the fundamentals of data communication including the 7-layer OSI interconnection reference model and TCP/IP. The student will learn how IP addresses and subnet masks are used. During hands-on practical exercises, students will build and troubleshoot a small network of PCs, switches, and routers.

  • National & International Networks - We investigate local and global aviation-related networks, their characteristics, and interfaces. Illustrates Air-Ground and Ground-Ground networks used for Air Traffic Control.

ATSEP Basic training or equivalent proven knowledge and experience
5 Days