GMRAA course

Wildlife Hazard Management

GMR Aero Academy offers Technical Training Programmes that impart practically useful and exhaustive knowledge about the design, operation, safety, and more at airports.

Upon completion of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify common types of wildlife hazards at aerodromes.
  • Describe the latest equipment, methods, and techniques to manage wildlife hazards at aerodromes.
  • Give examples of industry best practices and their application at their aerodrome.
  • Explain how to minimize wildlife hazard attractants.
  • Analyze and record trends and patterns in wildlife management.
  • Roles and responsibilities - State and aerodrome
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Wildlife and habitat control
  • Aerodrome topography and habitat management
  • Operational practices and training requirements
  • Wildlife and habitat evaluation of effectiveness
  • Online
  • 10+2
  • Graduate
  • Airside Operations
  • Airport Operations Directors, Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Airport Emergency Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Airport Safety Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Wildlife Managers And Staff
  • Civil Aviation Authority Officials
  • Rs. 5000 + applicable taxes (per day/per participant)
    1 Day